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The proper use of cone crusher

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  The proper use of cone crusher
  Yifan machinery cone crusher manufacturing scale has entered the ranks of international production production cone crusher fine-grained, continuous exploration and innovation as the company's R & D and production, yield, the longer service life of the wear parts ore crushing high hardness applied more widely. Cone crusher can offer a smaller product size, the overall process for laminated crushing cone crusher is divided into three different design approach, the user can choose according to the situation crushing efficiency, uniform particle size, grain shape rolling acetabular wall wear uniform wear and long service life of crushing cavity.
  The role of the spring means of the cone crusher is when the crusher into the protection of the crusher when the non-broken material is not damaged, so to adapt the pressure of the spring with the crushing force of the crusher, crushing machine in normal operation the spring is not moving, just fall into crushing chamber piece of iron to crusher overload when lift support sleeve spring is compressed phenomenon occurs. Upper cone crushers beating occurred in the normal working hours, this is not a normal phenomenon must carefully analyze the reasons, to take measures to exclude parts damage may occur, if the error compression spring not only can not be a normal work, but because of the compression spring will cause the increase of the crushing force.
  Yifan Machinery remind the majority of the cone crusher, cone crusher works and maintenance must have some basic understanding, choose the regular manufacturers buy cone break, hope Yifan machinery cone crusher to maximize the benefits of creating benefits for the majority of users.

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